For many people it is a lifelong ambition to renovate or restore an old property in Italy, creating the property of your dreams.

As you travel around Calabria you will see many old properties in stunning locations crying out to be renovated. Often with a little imagination and a lot of courage or visa vera and the right advice those dreams can be realised!

As Calabria Property Services we offer a complete Project Management Service to assist you with the renovation. Living in Calabria, over the years we have gained a large amount of experience, built up extensive local knowledge and a network of reliable and trustworthy professionals and suppliers. Our collaborators will provide you with a high standard of service as we guide you through the process.

We can arrange meetings with the relevant professionals and will accompany you to assist with translation and offer advice. We will go through and discuss designs, plans and quotes with you and ensure that any changes are clearly relayed to the relevant people before documents are signed and any work goes ahead. During the work we will visit the site, keep you updated with photos and reports, co-ordinate and liaise with all relevant parties.

It is important to remember that you are renovating your property in Italy and all relevant legislation, planning, documentation and building techniques will be according to Italian law, requirements and procedures, which vary from other countries and also within each region of Italy. So, although difficult not to compare with what would happen in your own country it is often a fruitless and frustrating task.

Just a few points to consider:

There are many breath-taking and dramatic locations throughout Calabria where you will find old properties to renovate. Take time to select the location that suits your requirements.

It is important to have a budget in mind, both for the purchase and the renovation. Quotes cover the work required with an allowance for any unforeseen circumstances. This is all discussed beforehand with our team.

We will accompany you to view a number of properties. Once you have chosen a property, our geometra and builder will also accompany us to the property and can give preliminary advice on what is required.  We will make the necessary checks on documentation before any final decisions are made to purchase.

Geometra – we have our resident Geometra who will assist you during the entire process from design, planning, direction of work through to completion and signing off the project completing the necessary documentation for the Comune. In turn preparing all Certificates of Conformity from the respective tradespeople from which the Comune will produce il Certificato di Agibilita`, which means that your property is in a habitable condition.

Tradespeople - includes builders, electricians, plumbers etc. Our regular master builder heads the team of tradespeople and co-ordinates the work involved in any project. We have collaborated with them for over 10 years and have many satisfied clients who have had work carried out. They produce work to an exceptional standard and are reliable and trustworthy.

Once quotes are accepted for renovation projects a contract is provided outlining their commitment, services, and time & payment schedule. Builders also have to provide documentation on their business and insurance of employees.

Finally!! Once the work is complete you will need to ensure that you are completely happy with everything before you give any final payments.

Now it’s time to RELAX & ENJOY!!

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