Longobardi Renovation

As this was a substantial project with varied aspects to the work we have broken it down into phases. The first section is the roof, which had deteriorated and was leaking water into the upper level of the property. With all the relevant permissions obtained, our team removed the existing tiles, re-cemented the base and added a bitumen protection to make it impermeable. Once this was completed they fitted insulation and re-tiled. A vast difference and definitely no leaks!!


When we bought the property, we knew that a restoration of the outside would be necessary in the coming years.

We talked this through with Yvonne and together with Alessandro - who visited the house several times to see how the renovation could be done in the most cost-efficient way - we received a quote for the renovation of the roof, terraces, walls and pillars.
We are delighted by the result and way the renovation was treated by the full team: choosing materials, helping us with the geometra, advising us during the renovation process and receiving a daily update with pictures of the work done.
What a comfortable feeling, knowing that someone is treating your property as it was their own.
Thanks again to the full renovation team and there's one thing sure...for the renovation of the inside, we know who we will contact...

Erwin & Tinne - Belgium

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